Our Funding Vision

~ Our Funding Vision ~


  • To prepare deaf infants for kindergarten with dual language skills. (ASL & English)
  • Provide parents with an early curriculum & tools for deaf & Koda tots
  • To entertain & enlighten deaf toddlers via an early bilingual website to promote healthy start in language development and a life long education experience.


In response to the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening, Clerc's Children provides an innovative early intervention service targeting deaf and hard of hearing infants and toddlers, newborn to 5 and their parents. Clerc's Children creates a safe community where parents are supported in their decision to provide a linguistically inclusive home environment for their child by connecting them with other parents, professionals, researchers and community members who are "bilingual friendly" and support language development and communication access.
Development Plan: 24 core curricular lessons taught at 5 different levels designed to help a deaf child meet the National Pre-Kindergarten Standards (alphabet, numbers, colors, feelings, shapes, pronouns, etc.). Each lesson consists of vocabulary and phrases signed, written, and spoken with coinciding pictures and visual clues. Tips are also provided to help parents incorporate newly learned vocabulary/phrases into daily routines and everyday life.

How will the funding be used?

$ 15,000 - Complete remaining 25% of developed & designed website
$ 12,000 - Animation ASL & English biliteracy
$ 10,000 - Online games (part of an assessment tool)
$ 5,000   - Illustrations
$ 8,000   - Editing & Sound

Beyond the $50,000 goal, the exceeding funds will go to to creating a 0-12 mos. program for parents & all infants and establishes social networking for the parents & toddlers.

Budget Note: No operating cost involved. The budget covers programming needs & curriculum developmental needs. The expenses will go into creative & technical developments: Editing, animation, designing, programming, development of curriculum in ASL, English, literacy and assessment.