Teaser, Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue is one of 25 Bilingual Nursery Rhymes. 
The proceed of this Bilingual Nursery Rhymes DVD will help launch Clerc's Children E-Learning Management System and allow us to serve family with deaf, Koda and hearing toddlers by late 2011.  Please tell your friends to buy one or more and help us launch the site as soon as possible!   
Make your pre-order today for $50 dollars and feel great knowing you are making a difference.  
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Enjoy the Bilingual Rhymes in ASL & English! (Voice and graphic caption are included.) 


If you are inspired to be our angel investor and make this happen pronto. 
Contact us at Info at clercschildren.com and put "Angel Investor" in the subject line.
Thank you for your support! 
*A gratitude to: Happy Pixel, Chocolate Media and Robyn Girard and Purple for making this possible.