Monday, January 17, 2011

$2,000 Raised! $48,000 to go!

Thank you Bilingual Angels!  In one week, we have raised 2,000 because you believe in launching first early bilingual website!  We appreciate your roaring passions for this mission!  Bilingual for our deaf  & Koda children now! 
(Note: Names in blue are "Cherubs" - On a mission to invite 19 more friends in joining them to pledge also towards this mission! If you see your friend's name here, name them in your pledge!)
Help your friends get their Halo!
Alternative Solutions Center (MD)
Kay Anderson (CA)
Ben Ashton (AZ)
Joey Baer (CA)
Cherrylene Baxter (CA)
Adrain Blue (PA)
Deanne Bray (Halo received) (AZ)
Rachel Braver (CA)
Davena Burns (CA)
Jayne Bustamante (CA)
Gina Croteau (Canada)
Patty Drasin (CA)
Cindy Foley (AZ)
Signing Families (MD)
Sheri Farinah (CA)
Celeste Flores (CA)
Patti Goulston (NC)
Patrick Graham (AZ)
Claire Grivet (France)
Bob Hawbaker (AZ)
Shelley Herbold (AZ)
Sherry Hicks (CA)
Bob Hiltermann (CA)
Joan Johnson (CA)
Jennifer Jones (FL)
Julius Kim (AZ)
Troy Kostur (AZ)
John Larsen (UT)
Katerie Leclerc (Canada)
Tracy McCameron (TX)
Sheena McFeely (MD)
Diane McKenna (United Kingdom)
Laura Paschol (Canada)
Delynn Saunders (AZ)
Emily Steingberg (CA)
Angela Tocco (Canada)
Pearlene Utley (CA)
Keith Wann (FL)
Fred Wolff (NY)
Jason Zinza (MD)

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