Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome 6 New Bilingual Angels! Total of 62 new Angels in Jan!

Thank you 62 Bilingual Angels January!  This week, we raised $2,950 because you believe in launching first early bilingual website!  We appreciate your roaring passions for this mission!  Bilingual for our deaf  & Koda children now! 
(Note: Names in blue are "Cherubs" - On a mission to invite 19 more friends in joining them to pledge also towards this mission! If you see your friend's name here, name them in your pledge!)
Help your friends get their Halo!
Week 4:  Jan. 25 - 31st : Welcome 5 new Bilingual Angels and 1 Cherub! 
John Arce (CA)
Janis Cole (MA)
Leslie Decker (AZ) 
Jeremy Quiroga (NY
Steve Vanert (CA)
Philip Ward (Untied Kingdom)

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